Royal Library Garden

Royal Library Garden
Royal Library Garden

This will be a short post because the Royal Library Garden in Copenhagen isn’t a particularly large garden. I didn’t measure it, but it looked to me to be generally squarish and maybe a block or so on each side. But it is a very peaceful spot and well worth visiting if you are in Copenhagen.

In the center of the park is a small pool. It’s not a swimming pool, you understand. It’s more like a reflecting pool. However, I hesitate to call it that because, at least while I was there, the colour of the floor and the splashing and rippling in the water didn’t allow for much reflecting.

Did I say splashing? That would have made more sense if I first mentioned that there was a tall fountain at the center of the pool. The water from the fountain splashed down into the pool. The sound was like a steady, but gentle rain shower, which added to the calming effect of the place.

Around the perimeter of the garden are trees, bushes and flowers. I read somewhere that the flowers are different depending on the season, which makes sense. However, I can’t verify that because I saw only the flowers that were there when I was there, which also makes sense.

There were a few types of flowers blooming during my visit. I didn’t take any notes, but the ones I remember most were lush, lavender-coloured ones covering some bushes.

Søren Kierkegaard statue
Søren Kierkegaard statue

Maybe they were indeed lavender. I don’t know because as I wrote the words “lavender-coloured” I realized that I haven’t the foggiest of ideas what lavender looks like, other than its colour (assuming that the colour of lavender flowers are the same colour as the colour called lavender).

You’ll see some of the flowers in one of the two pictures here (the picture with the statue that I’m about to mention). Maybe someone can identify them for me.

The statue that I just foreshadowed is of Søren Kierkegaard, the famed Danish philosopher, among other things. Kierkegaard is sitting on a chair writing in a journal resting on his lap. Either that or he’s carving a page out of a book with a pen-shaped art knife. It’s hard to tell.

Kierkegaard is facing the fountain, eternally contemplating the shower, pool and gardens. Fortunately it’s only a statue and not Kierkegaard himself. Otherwise, who knows how many more philosophies he would have plagued us with after all these years. And who the hell needs that?

One of the entrances to the garden is a lovely stone arch. Unfortunately, I foolishly forgot to snap a picture of it, so you won’t find one here. If you Google “Royal Library Garden Copenhagen” (without the quotes) you probably won’t have to click too many links before you find one.


  1. Ooh! I remember that garden and you’re right. It’s quite lovely and a looooong way from where I am right now. Still, a sweet and cozy place to visit on a nice day.

    1. Yeah, it was lovely. And the weather was very nice the whole time I was in Copenhagen. (I’m in Stockholm now, although I still have a lot of places I visited in Copenhagen to write about before I get to anything in Stockholm.

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