Royal Palace: Tre Kronor Museum

Tre Kronor Museum
Tre Kronor Museum

The Tre Kronor Museum, which is part of the Royal Palace of Stockholm, has a separate entrance. As is the case in the Royal Treasury, the Royal Apartments and the Royal Chapel in the palace, you’re not allowed to take pictures in the museum. So, my dear reader will have to be satisfied with a picture of the entrance, that’s all I could take without breaking the rules and I’m not a rule-breaking sort of guy. And if you’re not satisfied with that that’s just too bad. Like I said, it’s all I’ve got.

The museum is in the basement of the palace and is largely an archaeological dig. There you’ll find ruins from the old palace, named Tre Kronor, that was on the site before it burned down in 1697. That is to say, you’ll find the ruins there if you go to Stockholm and visit the museum. If you don’t go then it will be a tad difficult to find them, so don’t bother looking. They’re not where you are.

There is also a display of medieval costumes, stones and stone carvings from the old castle, a few books and furniture that were saved from fire, a small collection of knick-knacks, and a small model of the old palace. There are also brief descriptions, in Swedish and English, about the palace and fire.

The Tre Kronor museum is laid out well and lit effectively. It was considerably more fascinating than I was expecting, but that might be simply because I’m a pessimist with low expectations.

Been there? Done that? Do tell.