This blog is about places. More specifically, it’s about places I’ve been to. Or, for the sticklers who can’t stand to see a preposition at the end of a sentence, it’s about places to which I’ve been.

Why is it called CommonPlace? I’m not an adventurous person. I don’t want to visit unexplored wildernesses. I don’t want to face danger. In fact, I don’t want to be anywhere more than about three blocks, at most, from a half-decent coffee shop. Consequently, the places I go to are fairly common.

That doesn’t mean everyone in the world has been there, which is why you may want to read this blog. You might learn about an interesting place that you’ve never visited. What’s more, if you do, it will almost certainly be a place that you might want to visit even if you are, like me, a highly neurotic wimp of a traveller. (If, despite my best efforts to avoid it, I’m caught unawares by the danger of the place, I’ll be sure to mention it in the post.)

I set myself a couple of simple rules here. I will only talk about places I go to after I decided to start this blog. My powers of observation aren’t the best. My memory is even worse. If I tried to write about places I’ve been to on previous trips, the posts would likely be much closer to fairytales than to accurate descriptions. (However, I might use a photo I took on a previous trip to a place if I think it was better than the ones I took on the most recent trip. Photos have longer memories than I do.)

The second rule is that any pictures I post here will be pictures I took. That’s not because I’m much of a photographer or that I have an interest in photography. It’s just that I believe in respecting other people’s copyrights, just as I expect them to respect mine, and I’m far too lazy to try to get permission to use other people’s photos. (By the way, everything here—words and pictures—is copyrighted. I reserve all rights.)

When I say places, I don’t mean cities. Unless it’s a small town, possibly with a lot of charm, but not many features to talk about,  I will create separate posts for each tourist attraction, public square, tourist attraction and vista I think is worth talking about rather than combining them into one long travelogue on a city. Why? Two reasons: I don’t want people to feel intimidated by a long post. And I’d like to fill this blog in a bit with posts so I’ll have more pages that can carry advertising. Alright, that second reason is a bit mercenary, but I’d like to be able to afford more travel.

I haven’t planned a list of places  I’ll cover here, but I expect you’ll find that Toronto, Ontario, Canada will predominate. There’s a good reason for that. I was born in Toronto and I’ve lived here all my life. Traveling to places in Toronto is a lot more affordable for me.

By the way, if any tourist attractions or cities want to provide all-expenses-paid trip for me to come and write about them, I’m not above accepting those offers. However, I won’t promise that what I write will be entirely positive, so you’d be advised to make sure that I enjoy myself. In addition, in the highly unlikely event that anyone takes me up on this, I will, in any resulting blog posts, mention the fact that my trip was paid for by the subject place.

Been there? Done that? Do tell.